Meeting Planning, Special Event Management, On-site Event Management


Meetings, ETC, has amazing concern for budgets, value, and experience. Debbie is extremely dedicated--spending extra hours and bringing extra ideas/things to the table, above and beyond her contract. One more important, underappreciated thing: she has a great sense of humor.”

Nancy Lublin, CEO at Do Something

Non-Profit Organization Management, NYC


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Our Mission

Consult with Care. Manage Reliably.
Create Freely. Organize Meticulously.
Speak Honestly. Budget Accurately.
Deliver... Success!


What Sets Us Apart?


Experience: “With Age Comes Wisdom”
Over 15 successful years in the industry and full certification. (CTA, CTC, MPI & DMS)

Attitude: “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude”
Our enthusiasm, flexibility, positivity and ‘make it happen’ attitudes are brought to every situation and event!

Vision: “The Best Way To Predict The Future...Is To Create It.”
Creativity and a strong belief that “just like everyone else” is a derogatory term, drives our desire to design events that are as unique as they are successful!

Character: “Our Character Is What We Do When No One Is Looking.”
Saying what we mean and meaning what we say is not the exception, it’s the rule. Our first priority is always the client and the path that is in their best interest.


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